Mining Drilling Machine in China

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Mining Drilling Machine in China

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Welcome to Rejee Industry, a professional drilling rig supplier in China, a subsidiary of Rejee Group, mainly concentrates on the development, manufacturing and sales of chemicals and equipment, being responsible for international market of Geological Exploration Equipment Co., Ltd. for many years. We supply a wide range of products of construction industry, from drilling rigs, mixer, pumps etc. Some of our popular products include rotary drilling rigs, hydraulic crawler drills, Jet Grouting drilling machine, These products are designed and built for tunnel pipe shed support, deep foundation pit anchor, embankment dams, pile foundation construction, and tunnel construction applications around the world.

As the demand for high-speed railways, bridges, and high-rise buildings continues to grow, the need of drilling equipment is also increasing. We strive to fulfill to the need by developing reliable and efficient technology and equipment. Through our years of unremitting efforts, now our products are satisfied by worldwide customs.

At Rejee Industry, we have also given much attention to customer service. We are dedicated to helping customers work safely and efficiently using our products. Guidance and services are always available with our professional technicians in site.

As a result of our superior quality and service, our rotary drilling rigs, hydraulic crawler drills, and Jet Grouting drilling machine are increasingly popular in worldwide market, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, African, Europe, etc. Welcome you from all over the world to come and visit our factory!Mining Drilling Machine in China